Sausage Sports Club is a physics-sports game about adorable, floppy animals competing on a reality TV show!

Duke it out with up to 8 friends in Free Play, where you’ll compete in tons of game modes like Soccer, Sumo and Capture the Flag. Not feeling competitive? Explore the toy-filled Overworld and get to know the show’s other melodramatic competitors in a 1-4 player replayable Adventure mode. No matter how you play, you’ll unlock new characters, skins, hats and arenas along the way.


• Just the most adorable floppy sports animals

• Tons of unlockable characters, skins and silly hats

• Loads of different game modes and colorful, themed arenas

• A mix of deep, competitive gameplay and gut-busting laughs

• Replayable single player/co-op Adventure mode

• Up to 8 player local multiplayer